Lowell Street Bridge and Corridor Traffic and Pedestrian Safety Initiatives


Attached is the flyer from the city with the details of the follow up meeting concerning Lowell Street traffic,
pedestrian and cycle safety initiatives. Please note that due to the VNA community room not being available when the city tried to book the meeting, the location for this meeting is the Healy School on Meacham Street.

Alderman Mark Neidergang requested this follow up meeting with the city and requested that the City of Somerville Director of Transportation and Infrastructure present the data concerning traffic counts and improved pedestrian and cycle safety prior to the opening of the Community Path entrance/exit on the Lowell Street bridge system. The city has announced that the new exit/entrance to the Community Path should open later this month. The original opening date was expected in September.

Please feel free to email or call Alderman Mark Neidergang if you have any comments or questions. Hope to see you there.

Joe Lynch
Magoun Square Neighborhood Association

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