GOOD MORNING – TODAY IS SUNDAY, July 27, the 208th day of 2014 with
157 to follow. Sunrise in the Boston area is @ 5:25 and sunset is @
8:16. The moon is new @ 6:43 PM. The morning stars are stars are
Mercury, Neptune, Uranus & Venus. The evening stars are Jupiter, Mars
& Saturn.

ON THIS DAY IN: 1789 – Congress established the Department of Foreign
Affairs, the forerunner of the Department of State.

1794 – Maximilien Robespierre, the architect of the French
Revolution’s Reign of Terror, was overthrown and arrested by the
National Convention.

1866 – Cyrus W. Field finally succeeded in laying the first underwater
telegraph cable between North America and Europe.

1921 – Canadian scientists Frederick Banting and Charles Best
successfully isolated insulin.

1940 – Bugs Bunny made his debut in the animated cartoon “A Wild Hare.”

1953 – Representatives of the United Nations, Korea, and China signed
the Korean War armistice at Panmunjon, Korea.

1976 – Air Force veteran Ray Brennan became the first person to die of
so-called “Legionnaire’s Disease” following an American Legion
convention in Philadelphia.

1995 – The Korean War Veterans Memorial was dedicated in Washington,
D.C., by President Bill Clinton and South Korean President Kim

1996 – In Atlanta, Georgia, the XXVI Summer Olympiad was disrupted by
the explosion of a nail-laden pipe bomb in Centennial Olympic Park,
which killed one and injured more than 100.

2005 – Ahmed Ressam, aka “The Millennium Bomber,” was sentenced to 22
years in prison for a plot to bomb Los Angeles International Airport
on New Year’s Eve 1999.

2007 – Two news helicopters collide while covering a police car chase
in Phoenix, Arizona.

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