Letter to the Editor: RE Broken Elevator at 167 Holland Street

Dear Somerville News Weekly,

I am writing to you with a big complaint regarding the elevator that’s located at 167 Holland Street in Somerville in the building that houses the Somerville Council on Aging.

The one and only elevator has been out of service for over two weeks now to date.

How are we supposed to go to our programs with the elevator out?

It seems like its falling on deaf ears and that nobody at city hall cares about us elders regarding this situation.

How are we supposed to climb those massive stairs when most of us can’t hardly walk?

Please print this letter because we are counting on you as always to get this message out for us. Please don’t fail us now.


An Elderly Somerville Lifelong Resident

One thought on “Letter to the Editor: RE Broken Elevator at 167 Holland Street”

  1. Dear Resident,

    Thank you for expressing your concern. When the elevator at the TAB broke down at the very end of June, the administration of Tufts University, which owns the building, immediately initiated communications with the Council on Aging in order to ensure we could continue to serve all of our residents.

    As of July 16, permits have been pulled through the City by Tufts to construct a temporary ramp to the rear entrance of the building, and a permit with the state was approved this week for a chair lift at that same entrance. In the meantime, City of Somerville programs and staff located in the TAB have provided services at alternate location(s) since the elevator failed.

    The repair of the elevator requires that a part be specifically made for this particular elevator. Initial estimates for the repair were for about six months from the date of the breakdown. That estimate has been expedited and revised to 6 weeks from July 1. A team from the repair company has visited the site and has done some prep work towards the repair.

    Please call our center at any time with questions or if we can personally assit you in another matter, including with home visits, as we work to rectify this situation immediately.

    Cindy Hickey, Executive Director, Council on Aging

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