Democrats yet to release Justina after 13 months of DCF captivity By Neil W. McCabe

Watching the trauma that the Commonwealth of Massachusetts inflicts on the family of Justina Pellitier
should open the eyes of concerned citizens to not only the power of the government to steamroll parents, but also to the fact in a one-party political system, the government has no reason to listen.
The Democrats control every inch of Massachusetts and every lever and button in its machinery. One hopes against hope that the supporters of the party of Hope would recognize the harm that party’s control has done to the state and its people.
Diagnosed with mitochondrial disease years ago, Lou and Linda brought their daughter to Boston Children’s Hospital, 13 months ago, when during their visit the hospital staff executed a swift kidnapping. A phone call was made to the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families.
Security escorted the parents out of the building and four days later a judge took away custody from them and awarded it to the hospital and DCF.
After stripping the parents of their parenthood, the judge then slapped a gag order on them, lest they say too much.
I am sure there are liberals still cheering the DCF and calling the parents ingrates. After all, they were given an hour a week with their daughter—and do not forget the two 20-minute phone calls every week, either.
Meanwhile, the parents hit a brick wall trying to get someone in the government to help them. The great and caring Democrats that run this Commonwealth top-to-bottom sided with the multi-billion dollar hospital and the DCF hacks over parents and their child.
From her captivity, Justina snuck out desperate letters to her parents in her origami and artwork, as her lethal disease went untreated.
At the heart of the issue is the claim by Children’s that the mitochondrial disease made by Tufts Medical Center was bogus and that her debilitating muscle failure was all in the girl’s imagination or mentally induced.
Although, DCF told friendly reporters at The Boston Globe a three weeks ago that the department was working with the family to return the girl from her captivity, this was just a ruse to buy time.
Now at a March 17 hearing, custody will be returned to the parents in bits and pieces. Justina has been paroled from her prisoner quarters at Children’s and she is at another facility in Framingham. In another act of delayed mercy, Tufts doctors are now treating Justina’s mitochondrial disease, which apparently was not a creation of her troubled mind.
Gov. Deval Patrick will do nothing to correct the system or even follow the maniac head of DCF Olga Roche. In fact, in one of the more galling pieces of propaganda, DCF issued a St. Valentine’s Day press released headlined: “DCF Commissioner Olga Roche Receives Widespread Support from Child Welfare Community.”
Um, in states with two functioning parties, this does not happen.
Check out what Erin G. Bradley, executive director, Children’s League of Massachusetts, said of Roche: “We have every hope that she is the leader to steer DCF through this difficult time. Changing commissioners at this point would not bring the Commonwealth any closer to achieving DCF’s primary responsibility of protecting children.”
Way to go, Erin! At least, she is honest. She basically said one hack is the same as another.
Bradley’s boss at the Children’s League, Maria Z. Mossaides, said in her support of Roche: “Her years of experience, sound judgment, and caring for our kids are matched only by her ability to take swift and decisive action when circumstances call for it.” Mossaides is also the executive director of Cambridge Family and Children’s Service, so, like you know, she is not looking to rock the boat.
What kills me about Mossaides’ statement the part about swift and decisive action in a 13-month hostage crisis. To be fair, Roche took over in April 2013, so it has taken her some time to reach her current state of swift and decisive.
George Neble, member of the DCF Kids Fund board of directors said: “Olga and her team must manage and navigate some of the most risky situations on a daily basis, finding balance between safety and care in an already overwhelmed system.”
To Neble, the trauma and drama of what DCF did to the Pelletier Family is just part of finding the right balance.
There were more statements, but you get the gist. One did mention how proud their organization was of Roche’s Hispanic roots, which means what?
The most important statement of all came from Gov. Deval Patrick, who said he thought Roche was doing a “Terrific job.”
Word is that a wealthy benefactor has stepped forward to support the fight for Justina’s release, so things have started to move legally.
Pity all the others, still fighting this monster the liberals built without help.

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