The Somerville News Weekly Favorite Person of the Week Paul Collyer of B.A. Event Promotions

Paul has been hosting running events in the City of Somerville since 1992, first

one at Khoury’s State Spa.

He enjoys working with many great local organizations in the city that are all involved in many events: Somerville Track Pac, Somerville High School Football, Somerville High School Soccer, Somerville Ultimate Frisbee, Toys For Local Tots Program, Irish Film Festival, Somerville YMCA, Somerville Auxiliary Police Department, Somerville Police Officer Sean Collier Memorial Fund and the Somerville High School Summer Camp Athletic Program.

He has deep ties to the city going back to living on College Ave outside of Ball Square as a young child and now on Winter Hill

His mother worked for Dr. Sorrell in Ball Square for many years, one of his grandmothers, Helen Leahy was the secretary at Somerville Trade for years, the other grandmother Theresa Collyer worked at the ole Fanny Farmers in Davis Square and his grandfather John Leahy lived on Lowell Street.

Thank you for all that you do for the good people of Somerville and
we salute you!


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