A Message From Maureen Bastardi Alderman Ward 1



Dear Friend,

I want to thank you for all the support that you showed me throughout my political career, especially over the past several months, and for the honor to serve as both your School Committee Representative and as the current Ward 1 Alderman. You put in an incredible amount of work for me, and I will always remember the amazing effort of the work that we did.

Today, I am writing to tell you that I am excited to endorse Matt McLaughlin for Ward 1 Alderman. I believe that Matt’s strong independence, deep maturity, long-standing commitment to service, and principled character makes him the most qualified candidate in the race to represent East Somerville.

Matt , who was born and raised in Somerville, has been active in the community for over a decade. He has been a leader in Somerville for years on youth issues, parks development, local hiring policies, and more. His grasp on the issues affecting people in Ward 1 is deep and personal, and his approach to addressing them has always been professional.

Most importantly, I know that Matt shares my vision for what an Alderman should be: someone who is there to look out for his or her constituents first and foremost, and who will put their interests above all else. I know that Matt will be a dedicated public servant, and will work tirelessly for everyone in East Somerville.

I hope that you share my excitement that Ward 1 has as outstanding a candidate for Alderman as Matt McLaughlin, and I urge you to consider honoring him with your vote in the municipal election on Tuesday, November 5.


Maureen Bastardi
Alderman – Ward 1


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