Endorsement From The People Of Somerville

Thank you!


Most endorsements I don’t give much attention to as many are just not relevant. Like a movie star for a product. However it is hard to ignore the endorsements given to Mr. Tauro in his fight to become the mayor of Somerville when the very people who work for us and protect us and are responsible for saving lives here are the very ones endorsing him.

If they do not have faith in the current administration in helping them perform their duties to help the citizens of Somerville I think this gives a loud and clear message. It is one not to be ignored. Granted he does not appear as polished as some have noticed and probably dislike him for this. But seeing how the current administration has been doing it is time to look beyond that. In his favor he is a hard worker who care very much for the elderly and mobility impaired residents. And very much cares about small business which is so very important in creating a city where everything one could need is within reach. Cities in other countries do not have to drive as everything they need is within reach. We need someone to keep these businesses here and add so many more to cut down on the need for so much car use. We have spent so many years with this city working on one direction but we should have been working in multiple directions. Can he do it? Won’t know until we give him the chance. Right now it is not working. If things were working good and proper these people would not give Billy an endorsement. There is a good reason why. We need change and we need it badly. And for the record I have been here for well over 70 years and would like to see this city be one for all people.

Arthur Moore
Somerville Resident

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