City Hall Clock Tower Rotted Clock Falls Inward

By William Tauro

It’s sad when Lilly and Herman Munster’s home that’s located at 1313 Mockingbird Lane is in better shape than our Somerville City Hall!

It is to my understanding that emergency crews and inspectors were called in on Thursday to assess the amount of damage to the Somerville City Hall tower as well as for the roof. The clock was boarded up by a board up company. The roof was assessed as being soggy, and in complete desperate need of replacement as they walked on it the roof itself was mushy and rotted throughout. I was also informed that the head of the city’s Capital Project Director Melissa Woods took the situation with a grain of salt and was quoted in saying that they are not worried about it and that it will be part of a (five year plan to replace the roof).

Well, Miss Capital Project Director, and Madam Mayor, Somerville City Hall cannot wait five years to be replaced. You’ve all been advised by inspectors and contractors assessing the damage that the roof has to be done now before we lose the building.

Again Madam Mayor you choose to do nothing about a serious problem. That’s more of the story of your life and political career so why are you even running for re-election? Sad for the people of Somerville.

2 thoughts on “City Hall Clock Tower Rotted Clock Falls Inward”

  1. Keep making bike lanes and building traffic islands instead of taking care of important city government buildings. How disgraceful. This administration should be ashamed and embarrassed.

  2. So true! Take care of our city buildings and streets (schools, fire houses and city hall) before any more bike lanes, speed bumps and loss of parking spaces. Enough with these stupid white polls and spend the money on necessary upgrades. Time for someone like Billy Tauro for mayor.

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