Shots Fired In Somerville, Public Never Notified

By William Tauro

It’s definitely time that people speak up and ask this administration why the public, the citizens of Somerville weren’t notified that shots were fired in front of the Shivalic Food & Spice Indian store that’s located on 310 Broadway #10, in Somerville directly next door to Mama Lisa’s Pizza?

This occurred in broad daylight this past Sunday at about 7:00 PM while families were out walking on Broadway with children all around! Somerville Police and Massachusetts State Police responded and who both remained on scene searching for bullet casings and other evidence. Why wasn’t the public notified? What’s the big secret? Why wasn’t the public notified that the suspect was still at large in the area on a busy Sunday? Why hasn’t it been reported to any new stations as well? Where is the outrage? What else aren’t they telling us? This vacancy of a mayor and administration should step down immediately! Total mismanagement at its best! 

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