William Tauro’s Response to Ben Ewen-Campen, Council President/Ward 3 City Councilor Newsletter from July 16, 2023, He’s A Little Too Late

By William Tauro

Just a few questions of concern,

As in many past meetings concerning budgets , those particular meetings must run as long a s necessary to settle all concerns for a proper budget to be approved. That is part of the job!
But, If you, and the School Committee members knew ahead of time, as you stated, that there was a possibility of endangering a child within a school then what took you so long to react with an all hands on deck 24/7 emergency mode?

And, when you say moving heaven and earth to relocate children, well, shouldn’t there already be contingencies for such issues or dangers in this particular case, especially after the covid incident? Why has so much time in office been wasted and only focused during election season?? Protecting the children should be number one on the list as an elected official don’t you agree?

So your statement of an ” emergency closure of the Winter Hill was like a (lightning bolt) (or a punch in the face): if the City had been under the optimistic impression that we had a couple more years to figure this out, “. That was a bit irresponsible don’t you agree?? How high and mighty do you feel now with gambling on the lives of innocent children?
After reading your submitted letter to the Mayor on this issue it appears to be filled with contradictory statements and those of doubt or non leadership quality. As an elected official you represent the people, all of the people and have been elected to provide solutions. Suggestions before any reports that you had approved by a study to be conducted aren’t even completed which obviously puts the cart before the horse. If your unable to make decisions then perhaps your in the wrong position.
If you’d like to get dramatic then making something happen as President of the Council is a mere wave of the sword, or in this case the pen! Let’s keep it professional shall we…

And in closing ,if you want a survey on how the Mayor is doing in response to the current crissis’ within the city, the answer is this,
Actions not money wasted on surveys correct the problems!

William Tauro

Click on the link below the read, the city Councilman’s Ward 3 Newsletter from July 16, 2023:

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