What Is Happening To Somerville Intersections?

By William Tauro

This newest Somerville monstrosity is located at the intersection of Glen and Oliver Streets in Somerville  right next to the Glen Street playground. I have no clue what it is and everyone that I spoke to has no clue what it is either.  Whatever it is, it’s in between the intersection of two one-way streets, and off-center (not even in the center of the road)mind you. God forbid an emergency and an ambulance or a hook-and-ladder fire apparatus needs to go around this thing to save a life, to battle ablaze, or for any emergency purposes at all it won’t make it.

With all the problems that we are facing in Somerville, regarding unsafe school buildings that are crumbling, City Hall which is rotting away, the worst roads in the country, a rodent problem that almost compairs to the City of New York’s rat infestation, the homeless population still living out in the streets, the ongoing  excessive drug use, the violence, the shootings, unacceptable high taxes, the high cost of living, the lack of affordable housing etc. etc. etc, they spend our money on this stuff like this. It’s unbelievable! Where is the outrage? Your thoughts?

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