This Week’s QUOTABLE QUOTES On Beacon Hill

By Bob Katzen

“There is nothing more important than helping people get back up on their feet and 4 Housing is doing great work.”
—Sen. Will Brownsberger (D-Belmont) upon visiting the housing nonprofit Justice 4 Housing that works to empower formerly incarcerated people in their reentry to society.

“Massachusetts residents rely on local government to deliver core services daily and information technology plays a significant role in making that happen. This grant program is one of the many ways we partner with cities and towns to better serve residents, and we are proud to be able to help them improve their municipal broadband infrastructure.
—Gov. Maura Healey announcing $4 million in grants to help municipalities and school districts across the state to support the construction or completion of their municipal fiber networks.

“Even as Bay Staters are back to enjoying the fresh sea breeze and splash of waves at the beach, pollution is still plaguing too many of the places where we swim. While past infrastructure investments have resulted in cleaner water in many places, we still have work to do to stop the flow of pathogens at some of our beaches.”
— John Rumpler, Clean Water Director at Environment Massachusetts Research and Policy Center on the report that indicates that in 2022, 274 Massachusetts beaches were potentially unsafe for swimming on at least one testing day.

“These wildfires are continuing to rage, burning millions of acres of land and blowing smoke into Massachusetts that’s polluting our air. I’m proud that we are sending another crew of well-trained and dedicated firefighters to help our friends and partners in Quebec battle these intense blazes and stop further destruction of forests.”
— Department of Conservation and Recreation Commissioner Brian Arrigo announcing that the state has sent additional state wildland firefighters to Quebec, Canada, to help battle some of the more than 70 wildfires that have continued to burn since the beginning of June

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