Somerville/Medford News Weekly Speakup Line:Residents Once Again Being Ignored By Mayor and DPW Commissioner Costing Taxpayers a Fortune

Dear Billy T and Somerville/Medford News Weekly Speakup Line,

I am a resident of Sartwell Avenue in Somerville that’s located directly across the street from the John F Kennedy School.

The city has always had an agreement to run the school’s airconditioning unit during operational hours only so not to disturb all the residents abutting the school, but recently they have broken their promise to the residents by running the extremely loud outside a/c compressors 24-7 all week and weekend long and now are ignoring our complaints and calls from us residents for weeks.

Apparently, we were told that the AC unit has been neglected for years due to lack of servicing, and has now blown in the building. We were told that because of the neglect of servicing, the city’s taxpayers will now have to pay over $1 million for a new unit.  If the city was doing their job, taxpayers wouldn’t have to shell out $1 million for a replacement unit and life would simply go on, but no preventive maintenance is the reason why is the reason that our city buildings are falling apart. 

Recently the city has placed a temporary air-conditioning compressor outside in the parking lot to substitute for the one that’s broken inside the building until they replace it. The temporary unit is extremely loud and keeps all the neighbors up all night long to the point where we can’t deal with it anymore. 

Numerous calls have been made to 311, which I’m sure it’s on record and numerous calls to the DPW Commissioner and numerous calls were made to the mayor’s office and of course no calls were ever returned to residents. 

We know that you have a very loud voice in the community as one who definitely cares for people and actions prove more than words, so you are the right person that we are going to,to help us resolve this problem.  we are positive that once you broadcast this on your new site and Facebook site, the city might wake up and do their job and shut the damn thing off at nights and weekends. 

The city needs someone like you who truly cares about people and pours his heart and soul into helping others. You have our votes.

Residents of Sartwell Avenue Somerville

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