Somerville Fire Station Door Failing 3 Times Since Thursday and Now Being Completely Out of Service

Somerville Firefighters Local 76

Due to the station door failing 3 times since Thursday and now being completely out of service, Ladder 3 has been moved from the Teele Square station to the Highland Avenue station.

We are hopeful that West Somerville residents will have their ladder truck back next week at some point.

One thought on “Somerville Fire Station Door Failing 3 Times Since Thursday and Now Being Completely Out of Service”

  1. Clarendon Hill Towers, a 500 unit apt. complex located on Broadway receives frequent emergency visits from Ladder 3 Teele Sq. regularly; often multiple visits per day.
    Continuously, so many emergencies; heart attacks, strokes, falls, babies choking, toddler accidents, kitchen mishaps, sudden deaths…you-name-it…on and on…
    The Ladder 3 Firemen are our HEROS. They constantly save us from calamities…it’s called the human condition.
    We admire our Firemen. They are so loving, caring, gentle and attentive to us. We appreciate each and every Fireman, very dearly. We need them to always be stationed closeby…Every Second Counts!
    The very idea that OUR HEROS are working under unstable firehouse building conditions with anything less than PERFECT structural conditions is ABSOLUTELY UNNACCEPTABLE to each and every Somerville Citizen EXCEPT of course, to this current “mayor”/administration.
    #Saving Somerville

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