Real Life Somerville Police Stories: (Trespass, Resisting Arrest, Intimidation)Arrest

On Thursday April 6th 2023 I was on duty, assigned to uniform patrol cruiser east 1. At approximately 8:10AM, I was dispatched to 220 Broadway, Dunkin Donuts, for a report of an unwanted inebriated male inside the store refusing to leave.

Officer Legros on marked unit east 4 was dispatched as backup. Upon arrival, we were met inside by the reporting party and manager, Ms. XXXX. As soon Ms. XXXX started to explained to us what was taking place, a male party, later identified as the defendant Mr. Leodan Salmeron-Molina, walked over and started to yell at Ms. XXXX in an attempt to prevent her from speaking to us. I immediately escorted Mr. Salmeron-Molina outside and explained to him that if the Dunkin Donuts staff asked him to leave because of his disruptive behavior, he had to leave. However, Mr. Salmeron-Molina was very agitated and refused to let me speak further.

I was able to explained to Mr. Salmeron-Molina, however, that he was trespassed from the store and if he was to return inside he would be subject to arrest, to which he replied “i will go back inside.” I reiterated numerous times about the consequences of going back inside.

As soon as we left, Mr. Salmeron-Molina went back inside the store, and this prompted the manager, Ms. XXXX, to run towards my cruiser as we were driving around the block back into the parking lot of the Dunkin Donuts. Then, once we arrived, Mr. Salmeron-Molina started to walk outside. Once he was outside, I attempted to place Mr. Salmeron-Molina under arrest, however, he refused to turn around and a brief struggle ensued. I took Mr. Salmeron-Molina to the ground and asked him to put his hands behind his back. Mr. Salmeron-Molina complied.

I placed Mr. Salmeron-Molina under arrest for Trespassing M.G.L. C.266 S. 120, Intimidation of a witness M.G.L. C.268 S.32B/D , and Resisting arrest MG.L. C. 268 S.32B.

Once the transport vehicle unit 200 arrived, Mr. Salmeron-Molina stated to us that the judge was going to let him go and he was going to come back inside the store.

Respectfully submitted,

Officer Ducasse, 313
Somerville Police Department

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