Ten Hopes for the New Year in Somerville

By Arthur Moore

Number one; Finally solve the Cremins murder. Been way too long.

Number two; Every elected official makes a U turn and start working for the people of Somerville.

Number three; Brad Rawson also makes a U turn and do things that benefit the people of Somerville by making streets that support small business, support seniors and handicap and make the streets once again safe by removing obstructions that do not belong on our streets.

Number four; Let’s start taking care of the homeless here which is long neglected. Stop wasting money on projects we do not need and put it to good use.

Number five; Let’s start showing respect for our elders who have put many years into living and doing for this city and stop putting them at the bottom of the list for every change this city makes.

Number six; That people who really care about this city and have great common sense should run for elected office here so we can once again have the great city we used to so many years ago.

Number seven: Let’s put more effort into supporting the people that risk their lives to protect us and save us and provide so many humane acts most are not even aware of.

Number eight; Let’s hope we can respect each other’s opinions and not fight over them.

Number nine; Let’s hope we can spend less time fighting and more time learning to get along with each other. We are only here for a short while and don’t need to waste time fighting.

Number ten; Let this year be the one where we all put more effort into making this world a better place on so many levels.

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