My 12 Somerville Merry Christmases

By Arthur Moore

Number one: Billy Tauro who has been there for the people of Somerville. Always there for the seniors, vets, homeless and the hungry, and the small businesses so badly in need of help. Someone that so many of the good things he does never gets mentioned or is known about.

Number two: The seniors of Somerville who have made this a great city. Their deeds and helping each other giving this city a great name. Now prisoners in their own home town having their freedoms taken away from them by of all things the mobility department.

Number three: The small businesses that pour there hear out into their work. They work so hard and I know many that give up what they can to help others in many ways. Even though some are struggling.

Number four: The police and fire departments. When the going gets rough these people end up putting their lives on the line for us and some have been hurt or died. They are special people and deserve to be treated as such. Unlike what our city council wants to do to them.

Number five: The many not mentioned that give back to this city and those in need. People behind the scenes like nurses and caregivers and many I am not aware of that give so much even outside of their hours of work. Many working extra hard now due to bad traffic designs and no parking to go take care of those in need.

Number six: The elected officials and Brad Rawson. One can only wish that that same thing that happened in the story of Scrooge could happen to these people and give them the Christmas Spirit they so desperately need before it is too late. It would be a big job but what a wonderful thing that could be. All the people be held captive by these people could then have a joyous Christmas.

Number seven: God bless us everyone. That would be the easy way out. Trying to mention all the Somerville people you want to say Merry Christmas to is an impossible task. Then to try and wish people a Merry Christmas to those going through rough times and being persecuted like the seniors, the handicapped and small businesses and more is going to be difficult to get their spirits up when going through this city inflicted tough times. I have mentioned Merry Christmas and God. I do not apologize for it. Been saying those and believing it all my life and not going to stop now. If it offends you look between the lines for the meanings. It’s all good.

Number Eight: Merry Christmas to all those that moved out and now have their freedom.

Number Nine: Merry Christmas to all those who recently moved here and want to change our city to what they want. May they see the errors in their way and realize that change is not wanted here as we were very happy without it.

Number Ten: Merry Christmas to all those in need such as housing for the homeless, the hungry, those in need of medical help and the many things too numerous to list. Sadly this city could have made it better by not wasting resources on frivolous things and have used it where the help is most needed.

Number Eleven: Merry Christmas to all the builders who place those ugly unwanted poorly designed buildings here that don’t fit with the architecture of our once great city.

Number Twelve: Merry Christmas to all the environmentalists that banned the use of those thin small plastic bags so we can now have big thick plastic poles stuck in the ground all over the city.

In closing Merry Christmas to all who still believe in the good of it and the special time it made for our children. Let’s look past what it started out to be and regardless of the date or whatever else and let’s just make something good out of it. It can be so rewarding in so many ways. The fond memories of childhood and family that so many of us were lucky to have. And the prayers and good wishes who didn’t. Merry Christmas everyone.

2 thoughts on “My 12 Somerville Merry Christmases”

  1. I feel much better after having read Arthur’s article. He expressed the sentiments of many of us putting up with so much…I hope the “Silent Majority” will also speak out more often. God Bless Billy Tauro and his lovely family, Arthur Moore, Our Police and Firefighters, Emergency Workers and Every Concerned Citizen in Somerville, MA

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