MBTA Redesign Proposal Committee Approved City-Wide Bus Route Service Upgrades, BUT…

By Karen Glover

Once again, Brad Rawson, Somerville’s Liason to this MBTA Committee, neglected to upgrade the service of the #89 bus which arrives and departs from Clarendon Hill Towers Mon – Fri…but NO service between the hours of 9 am – 3pm.
and we have NO #89 Bus Service whatsoever departing and arriving from Clarendon Hill Towers on weekends.

On the weekends, Bus Riders must take either #87 or #88 bus and TRANSFER to #89 at Davis Square. Very inconvenient and unsafe because of the various hazardous safety conditions presenting in Davis Sq.
Brad was so quick to eliminate our bus routes in the initial proposal. He was very thorough about decimating our bus routes. Everything Brad touches turns to crap. Brad appears to genuinely enjoy destroying the good. Huge pushback from Bus Riders forced Brad to eventually return our bus routes.
It appears to be too much to ask of Brad to actually attempt to make transportation improvementsrather than creating one disaster after another?
How terribly hard would it have been for Brad to reinstate the #89 bus route and simultaneous-
ly double-check the gaps in this vital route? Evidently, concentrating on basic rudimentary bus service is beneath Brad’s “innovative, l must transform this entire city into a bike path” mentality.#BRnotfit4thisjob.

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