Medford Middle School Students to Participate in Discovering Justice Mock Trial

Culminating an eleven-week program in which middle schools partnered with legal mentors from area law offices, law schools, and state offices, Medford students will present their cases about the Fourth Amendment at an in-person Mock Trial at the Moakley Federal Courthouse in Boston.

On Tuesday, December 13, the Medford students will conduct their hour-long trials in front of a federal or state judge and a 12-member jury of civic leaders and community members.

This Fall, 29 middle schools across the Commonwealth participated in the Discovering Justice Mock Trial Program, the most schools in the program’s history. Statewide, the program serves more than 350 students with the help of more than 150 volunteer attorneys and 40 state and federal judges.

The Discovering Justice Mock Trial Program provides an example of the exciting civic education opportunities that are being offered to middle school students in Massachusetts. Taught by experienced attorneys, students dive into the judicial system to learn about their Fourth Amendment rights (Search and Seizure), grapple with real constitutional issues, develop persuasive arguments, and practice questioning and examining witnesses.

Medford students will conduct their hour-long trials to determine the outcome of a Fourth Amendment case centered around a school’s search of a student’s electronic device. The case involves a school principal finding more than they expected when searching a suspected student’s cell phone.

Where: Moakley Federal Courthouse, 1 Courthouse Way, Boston, MA 02210

When: Tuesday, December 13, 2022 from 5:00-7:00 PM

Who: St. Raphael Parish School/Commonwealth of Massachusetts

For More Information:

Matt Wilson, Executive Director

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