By Bob Katzen

The state’s Commission on Clean Heat, established by Gov. Baker, issued its final recommendations and report.

“As we work to reduce the release of carbon emissions and achieve Net Zero in 2050, the creation of the first-in-the-nation Commission on Clean Heat served as a critical step forward in engaging with a diverse group of experts to provide recommendations that will help Massachusetts decarbonize the building sector,” said Baker. “This set of recommendations is the result of hard work and commitment from the commission members, and we thank them for their dedication to this process.”

“By creating the Commission on Clean Heat, Massachusetts was able to utilize expertise from a diverse group of respected professionals and stakeholders,” said Energy and Environmental Affairs Secretary Beth Card. “The thoughtful work of the commission members in developing innovative policies and strategies provides critical support to our work to implement affordable and equitable solutions that reduce emissions from homes and buildings throughout the commonwealth.”

The recommendations include you aredeton; on creating an equitable approach to decarbonization of both existing and new buildings; the development and implementation of a Clean Heat Standard; analyses of the potential impact of other associated regulatory changes; the reorganization of existing energy efficiency and clean energy transition programs to be more user friendly for residents, businesses and contractors.

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