The Mayor and Christmas Shopping in Somerville

By Arthur Moore
Our mayor wants us to do our Christmas shopping here in Somerville. Like shop in the squares of Somerville. Now this is something we did here many years ago which many of us older folks remember well.

We flocked to our squares and spent many hours there. Sometimes as a family. It was great to have so many offerings and great stores here. And I might add plenty of parking. Granted those of us who were young then it was not a problem. The less agile people were often taken there or driven there. But the elected officials and mayor we have now have made it impossible for those of us who are older and less agile. We can no longer drive to the squares and park and shop anymore. This means we have to drive to another city where they are senior friendly to shop. Public transportation here is a joke. I no longer have access as they took away the only stop, I could hobble to. So, as I read what the mayor says about shopping and the fact she took away our chance to shop here. This is what we have for leadership here? It makes no sense to ask you to do something she made impossible to do. As for myself and many others I talk to we can hardly do any business of any kind here, never mind shopping. The city and elected officials have made sure of this. So myself and many others will off to other cities to do our shopping but not in Somerville thanks to our elected officials. And I wish them a very bah humbug for their lack of caring.

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