Mystic Lakes Environmentle Disaster Due To Neglect and Incompetence

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By William Tauro

Open year round, dawn to dusk. The banks of the Mystic Lake beginning in Somerville and Medford are almost entirely publicly owned, from the Amelia Earhart Dam at the mouth of the Mystic Lakes, making it one of the Commonwealth’s best protected streams.

The Mystic Lakes flows through Somerville, Medford, Arlington, Malden, Its headwaters begin in Reading, and form the Aberjona River which flows through Winchester and into the upper Mystic Lake. From the lower Mystic Lake, the Mystic River flows through Arlington, Somerville, Medford, Everett, Chelsea, Charlestown, and East Boston before discharging to Boston Harbor.

The Mystic Lake is home to multiple species of wildlife  whether it be fish beneath the surface or birds on the banks. Some are not sure what’s cooler spotting a Green Heron with its epic hairstyle or the fact that it can walk effortlessly across lily pads!

The water mixture has gotten to such a point where the once abundance of lily pads on the river don’t even exist anymore and recreational boat bottoms on the Mystic River are saturated full of sea barnacles and soon before we know it, marine life in the Mystic River will be gone and the environmental damage will be there for hundreds of years.

The river has been much altered since the 1800’s when its shores were largely salt marsh. But all that has come to an end, because the lake went from brackish to nearly 90% salt as of today mainly because of poor maintenance and neglect.

Over the years, the gigantic steal doors of the locks that control the mixture of fresh lake water and sea water at the Amelia Earhart Dam entrance have decayed and have been failing. Hundreds of thousands of gallons of seawater from Boston Harbor flow into and mix with the fresh/brackish waters Mystic River every six hour change of tides.

The rubber seals that are attached to the enormous doors of the dam are over 60% dry rotted away. The damage was caused over time for reasons of lack of maintenance and neglect.

As you could see in this video attached to this article, the video was taken in one of the three leaking locks at a high tide in Boston Harbor one day last week. During any high tide, the Mystic River level is always much lower than the ocean level and when that twice daily scenario takes place, hundreds of thousands of gallons of sea water automatically leak into the Mystic River every day causing this irreversible marine life destruction to the river environment.

While our elected officials in Somerville are bickering over pay raises, transforming WOKE lifestyles into our schools or eliminating parking spaces to put in more bike lanes when we should just all use common sense and live together in harmony, they are causing one of the biggest environmental disasters here in Massachusetts in our lifetime.

Hopefully once this article reaches the proper powers-to-be who are in charge and before they start pointing fingers at each other and taking political pictures by the water, they will take action and force the state and our elected officials to fix the locks at the Amelia Earhart Dam before it’s too late and environmental life in the lake is gone forever.


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