By Bob Katzen

This bill would create an 8-member commission to study and investigate the status of geography education in public schools and make recommendations on how to improve it.

“Expanding geography knowledge is much more than knowing where things are on a map,” said sponsor Rep. Todd Smola (R-Warren) who plans to file the bill again next year. “It helps to improve our understanding of issues at home and around the world. Global issues have a tremendous impact on what happens to us within our own country as well. A greater focus on geography education will work to the benefit of all students in the commonwealth.”

“It is always disappointing to see a good bill sent to study,” continued Smola. “I also recognize that the creation of a commission to study any issue is an extensive undertaking that the Legislature takes seriously. The hope is that there is room for expansion in the Massachusetts history and social science frameworks for greater geography education. If we can get there without the need for a legislative study, I am all for it.”

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