By Bob Katzen

Would prohibit driving with an expired inspection sticker from being counted as a surchargeable offense. Under Bay State law, surchargeable offenses can lead to temporary higher insurance premiums. In additional the state will immediately suspend or revoke a learner’s permit or driver’s license for 60 days if a driver has accumulated seven surchargeable offenses or moving violations within a 3-year period.

A driver with three surchargeable offenses within a 2-year period will have their license or learner’s permit revoked in 90 days unless he or she completes a mandatory Massachusetts Driver Retraining Program before the revocation takes effect.

“Auto insurance premiums should reflect an individual’s actual driving experience and safe vehicle operating habits and should not be adversely impacted by simple errors such as failing to get an inspection sticker on time,” said sponsor Rep. Brad Jones. “Operating without a valid inspection sticker should not be treated on the same level as speeding or failure to stop, which represent much more serious and potentially dangerous moving violations. Driving with an expired sticker is a relatively minor offense and should be treated as such.” Jones has refiled the bill for consideration in the 2023-2024 session.

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