Letter from the Editor:Somerville Mayor’s and City Councilor’s Sideshow on “Where’s The Money Going?”

By William Tauro

What games are the city playing with our tax dollars at a time when crime is on the rise and the Somerville Police Department is short staffed with officers that are burnt out with guns and drugs all over the city .

Somerville Police Officer Dante DiFronzo was reinstated to return to work in June 2021.
Police Chief Femino wrote this letter to Dante in July 2021 ….
Clearly someone up in Somerville City Hall missed the memo a month prior.

Here we are over a year later paying a police officer to stay home on paid administrative leave while Somerville Police are short staffed and crime is on the rise. This is ludicrous. Are their egos hurt or is that why he’s not back to work?

Meanwhile, Somerville City Hall hacks are focused on free Blue Bike rides (for themselves), big extended curbs ruining vehicles in Union Square, city sponsored Heroin drug shoot up centers and allowing bus routes to be terminated in the city so kids can’t get to school and elderly can’t get to where they need to go.

How can our elected officials including now Mayor Katjana Ballantyne who was a ward city councilor at the time, Councilor-at-Large Kristen Strezo, Matt Mclaughlin who is still a ward city counselor and the rest of their fellow freeloading hacks on the council get away with this?
Why aren’t these hacks focusing on our rodent problems are all that missing money that they think that we forgot about that was being investigated and stolen from the Somerville DPW?

On another note, these stalled actions are just like the longtime alleged Curtatone supposed criminal investigations against the Somerville DPW’s Mike Brown and Ron Bonny with both of them out on paid administrative leave for almost over 2-3 years each with no explanations? Why weren’t they fired or prosecuted yet instead of still on the city’s payroll getting paid? At least Bonny’s position was recently eliminated but still what is going on? Why aren’t the residents of Somerville not asking questions about this? Why not, we’re paying for it with our hard earned tax dollars so why isn’t anyone concerned on how these Somerville elected officials are carelessly spending our money?

Anyone else see a problem here?
It’s time for change!

Please check out the 2021 Boston Globe article below regarding the police detective’s reinstatement:

Arbitrator orders reinstatement of Somerville police detective fired following machete attack – The Boston Globe

Why has this gone unanswered still for so many year and still running? Check out the link below:

Letter from the Editor: Somerville City Council Demanding Mayor Curtatone to Come Clean | The Somerville/Medford News Weekly

Letter from the Editor: Somerville City Council Demanding Mayor Curtatone to Come Clean


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