Temporary Statement Of William Tauro

My Temporary Statement

“The voters of Somerville that participated in this mayoral election have spoken and have chosen their new mayor according to the Somerville Elections Department. I want to congratulate Mayor Elect Katjana Ballantyne on her victory. I look forward to seeing and hoping that she will move Somerville in the correct direction going forward to solve all the city’s problems and deliver to the great people of this city the respect, honesty and proper leadership that they deserve.

I want to thank all my supporters and my wonderful campaign staff for their overwhelming support over the past year since day one of our campaign’s beginning. We may not have made it all the way to city hall, but we have achieved one of our main primary objectives that was of driving the corruption out of the mayor’s office and opening the eyes of the residents of what’s going on in their surroundings.

I urge the residents of Somerville to get more involved with their community by getting more involved in municipal elections and to always keep a watchful eye on what’s transpiring in their city government. May God look over the people of Somerville and may the city continue to shine as the greatest city on earth.

My intentions from this point are to further look into this election, request a hand count of the ballots to pursue the truth, expose and resolve it and make sure that it never happens again and to determine if all your votes were counted properly.

During this Somerville Municipal Election, you will notice that no mayoral candidate was endorsed by our current Somerville Mayor Joe Curtatone. The reasoning is because they know that he would’ve been the kiss of death and a sure reason to lose any election. You will also notice that Mayor Curtatone endorsed his very, very close friend Incumbent Somerville City Councilor Kristen Strezo and as you will notice she got the highest amount of votes.

You will also notice that Mayor Joe Curtatone endorsed, at the very last minute the night before the election, Candidate for Ward 2 City Council Stephenson Aman probably to throw you off to make it look good. Is this why this took place? In doing this it places Kristen Strezo ahead of all the other candidates on the City Council-at—large list and bump the rest off the list further preventing another candidate for Somerville City Council from achieving victory.

If you believe that there was wrongdoing in this election, Istrongly urge each and every Somerville resident that voted that if you believe that your vote wasn’t counted or your ballot was mishandled and posted/applied after the final official count was originally posted, then please check the Massachusetts Secretary of State’s Office website below and punch in your information to see if yourself and please speak out about it. If you suspect any wrongdoing with the handling of your ballot, please reach out to federal authorities, the Massachusetts Secretary of State’s Office and/or please feel free to contact me directly.

Below you will notice the status of my voting ballot as well as my wife Marisa‘s voting ballot. My ballot status as of 9:48A M on 11/3 showed that my ballot was rejected, but now as of 12:40 PM on the same day shows “Your ballot status will be displayed after your local election official has received and processed your application. To confirm receipt of your mail-in request, contact your local election official.” My wife’s ballot status at 10:10AM on 11/3 showed that her application was not received, but as of 12:40PM it now reads “Your ballot status will be displayed after your local election official has received and processed your application. To confirm receipt of your mail-in request, contact your local election official.” And just a note for the record that we both voted on November 2nd at 9:00 AM in person at the East Somerville Community School.

Below you will also notice a posting from the administrator of the Davis Square, Facebook Site Ron Newman who posted the following himself the morning after the election complaining that his ballot wasn’t received nor recorded until AFTER the final Somerville Election count was posted in Somerville by the Somerville Election Department. He states though it was posted the morning after on the Massachusetts Secretary of State’s Election Website. So the question here is was his vote as thousands of others counted and ballots received in the final count before or after the Somerville Election Department posted their official voter counts. These ballots may just as well have been counted on Joe Curtatone‘s dining room table.

You will also notice below several screenshots of comments from the Davis Square Website that have been recently deleted after I posted this statement and that’s why we take screenshots.

Best regards,

Billy Tauro


Ron Newman of the Davis Square Facebook Site posted the following:

“The state’s ballot tracking website does not seem to have worked reliably for this week’s election. At least, it didn’t for me.

I deposited my ‘mail-in’ ballot into the dropbox outside Somerville Community Baptist Church around 5:45 on Monday evening. At 7:45 pm on Election Day (and still, right now, Wednesday morning at 5:50 am), the state ballot tracker showed my ballot as “Not returned”.

[UPDATE: I just checked again, and now the ballot *is* shown as Received on 11/2 and Accepted, as of the 6:20 am update today, Wednesday 11/3]

This concerned me enough that I walked into my precinct (6-1, Dilboy VFW) just before 8 pm closing time to inquire about it. The warden phoned the election office at City Hall and then looked my name up on a paper list that showed I had voted, so I went home and didn’t try to vote again.

If you deposited an early ballot into a dropbox on Monday or Tuesday, can you check this page and tell us whether it properly recorded your ballot as received? Thanks.”

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