Somerville Voters Beware

By William Tauro

Out during the in late weather working hard to get the message out to write in William B Tauro in the space provided for Mayor, I was approached by a voter with frustration and a bit of sadness in his eyes.

He participated in the early voting process and filled out his ballot which he proudly claimed to write William B Tauro in for Mayor as he stated to me. But, and then came the long pause, as he began his explaination of how he read a notice posted at the location reading according to the Health Department stating that no one is to seal the envelope when closing it. Instead, they provided a small flimsy short piece of yellow sticker that can easily open and close the envelope multiple times if needed. He felt that his vote will most absolutely be tampered with as the election officials once again refused to count the ballot officially but instead dropped it into a mystery box that will no doubt disappear for days.

Who knows where it could end up.” It most likely, will be in a private room with the Commissioner and the Mayor sifting through and changing the ballot to once again cheat the voter. I knew I should have waited until election day. “Stated the man. “Any ballot cast prior to that day will probably be thrown out and then a new one be inserted which will be changed to their pick of candidates.”

His description seemed so realistic that it sent a shiver down my spine. There is zero trust in the current administration and after the primary actions it appears that there may be more of the same underhanded acts of the election department. After requesting the primary voter names provided , it was discovered that according to their code affiliations of EV which defines to early voter, they declared that over 2,000 voters performed that action in the three and one half days. The problem with that count, is that Team Tauro volunteers were the only checkers attending the voter process. Their count totalled 1,006 exactly. How these other names and counted numbers came into the fold is currently under investigation. After reaching out to several Somerville employees before writing this article, more witnessed details have come out with affidavits revealing the fraud and have been reported to federal authorities.

In other words we might as well have the ballots counted at Joe Curtatone’s dining room table!

Please remember that voting on election day will provide a more accurate count as no down time will be available so if possible please cast your ballot on November 2nd and remember please consider to write in “William B Tauro” for Mayor. I will protect your rights!

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