Somerville/Medford News Weekly Speakup Line: Inspiring Letter from a Former Somerville Resident

Good LORD I wish I still lived in Somerville so I could vote for you. I graduated high school with Curtatone. He is NOTHING like he used to be back in the late 70s, early 80s. He has Somerville so fucked up it’s beyond hysterical! And I truly believe the majority of the decisions he made were done so because it lined his pockets. I still have tons of family and friends in Somerville and I will NOT visit. I fucking HATE just driving through there. I wouldn’t live in Somerville rent free….God as my witness.

I don’t really know you personally but I am familiar with where your mind is when it comes to Somerville, corruption, etc. You WILL be the next Mayor of Somerville. Mark my words. Please, for all that is holy, try to make Somerville at least resemble some of what she used to be like. Be there for her citizens….they really need someone that will help THEM grow more than growing the city itself. The PEOPLE make Somerville what she is…not the fucking bike lanes, unaffordable rents, lack of parking, etc.

I hope to HELL, when you are Mayor, that you find some very illegal goings on from Curtatone and have him held accountable for his actions. I am tired of living in a world of greed and corruption where ANYONE thinks they’re above the law and isn’t held accountable for their fucked up behavior and actions.

I wish you ALL the best and I can not WAIT until you’re in office and make some MAJOR changes to the beloved city I was born and raised in.

All good blessings to you Bill. Truly and sincerely

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