Bring Fairness in Housing as We Return to Normal

By Arthur Moore

We have gone through so much in this last year and still more to do as we work our way out of it. I watch the housing problems between tenants and landlords and at some point we have to find a fair way to deal with both. This will be difficult as our system does not seem to allow for both.

Tenants rights appear to be pushed with the most help. Landlords not so much. Possibly we need a way that both can address the problem as things are lifted so that both are treated fair. Not one taking advantage of the other. In most cases here many have been working together to help each other get through this. Some landlords are not able to as their expenses and possibly their work makes it impossible if they wanted to. Not that we want to increase government work but maybe we need some kind of committee even for a short while to look at both sides of the problems that come out of this. If a landlord is trying to evict someone let’s see if they were taking advantage of the situation or if they were just in bad circumstances also. If the landlord fell behind doing there part how can we help them? This can’t be one sided, Both sides need to be able to give their input so fair decisions can be made in whatever process be it eviction or suing for money. And granted we have some bad landlords and bad tenants so those we have to make sure they act responsible for their actions. As things are lifted we have to be prepared for this and do it right. And speaking of housing why the heck do we need a Rental Registration and Energy Disclosure Ordinance. Are they crazy? This will take more rental units off the market. People like myself who keep their rental apartment empty so they don’t have to deal with all this city nonsense will hurt the rental market. Definitely not help. Why are they trying to sneak this on without anybody knowing about? That says it all.

One thought on “Bring Fairness in Housing as We Return to Normal”

  1. in order to fix a problem one has to understand the problem. How many of those writing housing policy personally own rentals AND rent them to middle or low income? No one yet has been able to list one politician doing so.

    Sometimes I think that the pols pit groups against one another to get votes.

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