The Somerville/Medford News Weekly Favorite Birthday Photos of the week!

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Happy Birthday to Andrea Harris, Frederick Federico, Catherine Anderson, Mr Siciliano, Brad Hiltz, Rosaria Sarina Gagliardi Oliphant, Ella Goren, Tricia McLaughlin, Nicole Marie, Keith Fanning, Rick Sacco, Bob Belzer, James Burdulis, Tony Scaparotti, Joan Spartichino, Anthony DePinto,

Lisa Giurleo, MaryAnne Beaton, Amy Romano, Sharon Crowley, Kelly Clark, Paul DeSantis, Jerry Sears, John Grimes, Linda Sauer McSorley, Ed Farinato, Robert Afra, Janeen Mobilia-Dowling, Gerly Adrien, Joe E Vanessa, Tommy Colon, Gary Baird, Elizabeth Thomas, Linda Brietzke, Jason Laporta, Jacky Normile, Rob Assarian, John Horan, Jason Masci, Christine Collins, Janice Nolan, Josephine Gould, Dennis Nickerson (D-Train), Paul Timmins, Artie Silva, Cheryl A. Benoit, Sissy Doherty, Donna Langill, Corinne Brune Dellanno, Diane Alba, Simone Figueiredo Souza, Katie Quinlan Gauthier, Maria Valente, Jeannie Casazza, Anne Vigorito (D’Ambrosio), Stephen M Post, Mary Collette Shannon, Justin Ray, Mary Oleary Medina, Michelle Renée Renzi, Mike Jarjoura (Monkey), David Lucker, David Lucker, Paul Burke, Steven Teixeira, Kelley Moran, Michael DeLorey, Andy Hunt, Susan Mantini Bratton, Santi Grullon, Lesley Conway, Steve Soares, Junior Lacroix (Big Beanie), Louie Direnzo, Mark McCabe, Eileen Costa, Ann Leary, Leo Henry, Edna Toner, Toni-Ann Parisi Squillante, Nathan Bech, Ken Goodwin, Christine Desrochers-Broderick, Mike Cohen, Marc Zappulla, Orlando Maffucci, Paul Valentino Sr., Kenny Manzi and Delio Susi

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