Another Night of Gunfire In Somerville

Another night of violence when shots were fired in Pennsylvania Avenue in Somerville, but never reported until today. Police found fired shell casings. Police would not comment. This is Yet another incident of gun violence in the city in recent days and weeks in the city.
Next week Councilors insist they will cut police officers nd the police budget instead of making sure the police department has enough officers to provide safety to our residents. At least two of these City officials are running for Mayor with a total disregard of the danger of what’s going on in Somerville and in your neighborhood.

I will make sure to address this issue when elected to Mayor.

Somerville Friday Night Shooting Never Reported To Residents

By William Tauro

I wonder why the Somerville Police Department nor the corrupt administration and nor the spineless city Councilors have report of this yet? What’s going on here? Shouldn’t the residents of Somerville be aware what’s going on and decide for themselves if their lives are in danger in which they are?

Last night, Friday June 11th there was a shooting at 23 Pennsylvania Avenue in Somerville at 11:30PM. Nobody called police. Four bullet casings were recovered at the scene. Many residents called the police today when they seen casings one resident told us.

Four rounds were recovered. There was one victim who was hit once and no suspects at this time.

During the past week, Jackson Rd, 4 rounds fired 1 victim hit once

117 cross st, 3 shots fired nobody hit no ballistic evident on 5/6

Last night 23 penn ave, 4 shots fired

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