The Truth On Somerville Political Corruption

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The Feds Move Slow, But They Sure Do Move!

Just a reminder to all that this federal investigation began in 2015 and it is just coming to life today with Federal charges! Just remember my 2016-2019 articles which prompted the March 2020 Inspecter General DPW raid at the DPW and thanks to my book “STEALING SOMERVILLE” about the true story of Big Joey The Godfather of corruption Curtatone, our slanted City Auditor Ed the Bean, the Crooked Police Captain Dan Cotter, the mayor’s sister the distressed property scout Maria Curtatone aka the neighborhood underage-kid’s bartender, the former Crooked Alderman now turned attorney Sean, your good old Peter Miller the sleazeball crooked developor aka Mary Cassesso’s hubby, Katjiana and her husband the ”Let’s Make a Deal” architect/developer, crying Ron Bonny, Mike the Browne aka the Cowardly Lion, Mike Kiely the penis weilding school resource police sergeant who photocopied his penis on a school computer and emailed it out to everybody on an elementary school computer then Joe promoted him and all the other cruds that pulled off that infamous Somerville swindle that were involved in the Somerville DPW Overtime Scandal and all those infamous illegal eminent domain takings of people’s properties of 2017-2019.

All this took place under the very noses of all our city Councilors and our State Representatives who all sat on their hands and let it happen so remember in November they were all involved! Have you all ever wondered why none of the above mentioned have ever sued me for slander? Maybe because they’re all guilty and they don’t want to be put on the witness stand? So I invite them all including Mary Cassesso and Katjiana Balentine to feel free to sue me for slander because I’d love to have you both on the witness stand as well with your hand on the Bible! My next chief of police will have a very, very busy schedule prosecuting all these thugs as I make sure they don’t escape the six year statue of limitation rule. 

I’m just sitting back here patiently waiting for it to happen and hopefully it will go down during my inauguration as your next mayor of Somerville! 👍 It’s in the Book! #TEAMTAUROforMAYOR2021

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