Somerville Seniors

By Arthur Moore

Although I just call it seniors it is hard to think of a name that covers so many things. It is not so much about me but my experiences. I somehow over the years in my line of work have ended up spending a lot of time with seniors in many roles.

It has been rewarding and still is. In my days as a laundry driver I met so many. At first they were a pain to deal with, they wanted you to stop and talk and all I wanted to do was do my work and run. A little at a time as they asked me to do small things for them I ended up listening to them. It was a learning experience. All most wanted was someone to talk to mostly. Turns out so many had nobody around them to converse or talk with. They had relatives that didn’t bother with them. They reached this point in life where they did not have much as many just never had enough to even save to prepare for this time in life. Some of my customers could not even afford the $3 for the laundry. They just did it to have someone to talk to. Little by little I fell into this. Not only did I find myself being happy about what I was doing but I learned so much from them. Which at that young age was not always possible. You have to look interested in each story like it was the first time you heard it. I had practice doing that at home. You opened a jar or maybe hung some curtains for them. Little things. They were so happy and grateful. It helped shape me into things I did for years to come and still do. I am sure many do not understand this as they have not come across this yet. And yet one day they may face the same thing. You do not have to put a lot of effort into it and just making one person happy can do so much for your own happiness. The last few years I have spent time sitting with people in assisted living and spent much time with people in their final time of life. Never would I have imagined it to be so rewarding and also never what I would have expected. I would like to say I gave up a lot to do these things but for what I got out of it I really didn’t. We can’t keep ignoring our responsibilities to our elders and less fortunate. It is not right. And give in a little and get to really know our older generation. One day that will be us. It will also help in understanding about work being done in this city and how it affects them. It’s hard to look at it from their view. You almost have to get there in life to fully understand. I more than understand from life and the fact that I am there now. Hopefully more people will get into caring for older generations and make this a better place.

And on a similar note I would like to make these points as well. I am not much for liking politicians. Granted mine is a very short list. I have watched Billy Tauro for a number of years now. You don’t want to hear my first impressions of him from looking at his newspaper. I just thought he was some off the wall guy. Little did I know. Little by little I learned little things about him that coincided with things close to my heart. His caring for the homeless and elderly. These are genuine. These are before running for mayor, not just for running for mayor. It was not unusual for him to be helping a homeless or an elderly person. This is the real person. If he didn’t run for mayor he would be no different. We need this in this city and it will not be soon enough. He is gaining so much support for the humanitarian things he has wanted to do here and they are coming into this city starting now. So watch how you judge him by his newspaper and get to know the person.

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  1. I love your description of spending time with the seniors. I’ve been volunteering with my local VFD for a few years (pandemic aside), and it’s always the best part of my week. I’ve learned how to set up medical alert systems, patch clothing, and play bingo. Love the time we get to spend together!

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