Pandemic Help? Or Road Changes?

By Arthur Moore

Here were are in the middle of a pandemic with no real answer in sight as to the end of it and the return to normal. I see nothing but new things in the news about strains of virus and such.

I am no expert but since we do not have a clear idea of when this will finally get under control our city should be working to help get through this and thinking about it in the long run so we can not only get through it but recover quickly. Traffic is down, MTA use is down and we are getting less service. So why are we spending time and money to change things here for so called safe roads? Not that I am not for it but past experience has shown we do not accomplish that here when we implement ideas. The worse part is putting an idea from somewhere else into our city and if it does not work say screw it and just leave it there to make ou0r lives miserable. We can’t even get any decent data as everything is upside down right now. It would not be so bad if temporary ideas were tried and then things returned to normal of they don’t work within a reasonable amount of time. But no, they leave it and ignore any efforts to fix it. In my many years of working if I made a mistake I admitted it and corrected it. That is the normal way. But not here. One safety program getting underway now is being has 300 signatures to help get it started. I had over 2000 signatures to try and fix the problem the city created and got nowhere. Granted we want safety but lets do it right. Try something, tweak it or if need be or go back to where it was before it was messed with. Do it in a normal fashion. And don’t ignore the taxpayers feedback this time. And stop doing things that make this city look like a slum. All these posts and painted roads do little or nothing and make this city look disgusting. This was once a beautiful city. And look at the police records as I did. You accomplished nothing but spent money and created traffic congestion and more accidents. Another big problem is the city council has no power over the traffic department so when they screw up there is no one to put them in their place. That needs to be changed. Personally I do not see the need to delve into this right now as we should all be working together on the problem at hand. If we cannot recover well from this pandemic and get people back to work and keeping more people from going homeless or without food these things will not matter. Let’s stop the spending until we see an end to the big problem. Where are your priorities? And in making changes let’s start thinking of what it does. Let’s look at how it affects the elderly, the handicapped and small businesses. It’s time to stop overlooking what your changes do to all people. And it is not that people do not want changes, they are scared of what you will do. This is why coming in November we need major changes in our city government. The mayor and council have lost it for the people of Somerville.

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