By Bob Katzen

The Senate 10-29, rejected an amendment that would require all Statehouse members, officers and staff, regardless of when they are hired, to receive anti-harassment and bystander intervention training within 90 days of beginning employment.

The current rules require members, officers and staff who are employed at the beginning of the biennial session to receive the training within 90 days of the opening of the session while employees hired after the first training must complete their training at the “next available training opportunity.”

Amendment supporters said “next available training opportunity” is vague and could mean the training would not take place for many months or even a year. They said the amendment guarantees everyone gets the training during their first 90 days of employment.

Amendment opponents said that the training was held in person pre-pandemic but will soon be online. They said it is unclear when that will occur and argued it is too early to adjust this rule when it is not yet known whether the online sessions will be live or on video.

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