Time To Reopen Somerville #TEAMTAUROforMAYOR2021

“Joe Curtatone and City Council Destroying Local Businesses and Livelihoods In Somerville One Day at a Time!”

I host a multitude of events throughout the year and as you may have already noticed that they are frequently in other local cities and towns. My reasoning behind being forced in using these other venues instead of our own local Somerville venues is because Mayor Joe Curtatone purposely still has Somerville businesses in shut-down/distress/go-out-of-business mode.

Our local Somerville restaurants cannot survive with the overwhelming and over-the-top-restrictions that have been implemented on them that is restricting them to survive!

Our current elected officials here in Somerville lack simple everyday common sense and don’t care about them either and are destroying our local businesses, our streets, our parking, our lives and our Somerville! Learn to speak up and use your voice and make that call to city hall, call the mayor’s office (617)625-6600 to save our local Somerville businesses and economy before their all closed for good!

Call today to make that much needed change in Somerville to reopen Somerville!

Shop Local, Dine Local, Save Local!

Remember in November Elect William “Billy” Tauro as Mayor of Somerville to restore this city’s values and pride once again! #TEAMTAUROforMAYOR2021

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