Body Discovered In Vacant Restaurant on Broadway In Somerville

By William Tauro

Early Monday morning, Somerville Police detectives were investigating reports of a body that was discovered inside of the closedown former East End Grill (former site of Kuory’s State Spa) located on Broadway in Somerville.

According to sources at the scene, the body is allegedly that of a homeless man that may have been squatting in the building seeking shelter from the frigid temperatures.

Sources at the scene also informed us that police are trying to determine the cause death.

This story is still developing…

2 thoughts on “Body Discovered In Vacant Restaurant on Broadway In Somerville”

  1. with all the city owned properties that are empty Shame is on our officials for not finding somewhere for the homeless . There will be single digit weather in the next couple of days . I hope they are talking of this . instead of making magic mushrooms legal .Think about this when you go to vote them in again.

  2. This is the reason the Powder House school should have been a homeless center. It was a great opportunity for the city to do the right thing and help those in need and worse off than us. With so many homeless here in Somerville it would have made sense to do the right thing. We have had homeless children going to school here never mind homeless seniors and people of many other walks of life. There is no need of this and with all the wasted money spent in this city we could have used some for good. We need a change here as we have lost sight of helping people have just the basics of life to survive. Change is needed if we want to be decent members of the human race.

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