Arthur Moore on Ward Four

Arthur Moore

One of the big reasons after all these years of deciding to become Ward Four Council is I got so tired of the issues of Ward Four being ignored. Ignoring has gotten bigger here as I am guessing if you ignore it it will go away. I am elderly so I know some of the problems facing the elderly here and I can assure it is indeed ignored.

And not only that no one is speaking up for them or their problems. Again, ignored. I have been fighting for over a year just to help the elderly be able to do a couple of simple things like go to a hairdresser and nail salon. Plus get parking for those with mobility issues. Our council members spend more time on issues that mean nothing and have no real use here in our city. I have 70 plus years here and I see the plight of the people. Look at the agenda of the council. 50% of it is worthless to the people of Somerville. We need to be working on real issues here. Look at one I just wrote about. Tear Gas. We haven’t been using it so we should ban it. Why are we taking up time with this dribble? We have real issues here. And all the wasted money on street painting and signs and those stupid plastic poles put in the dumbest places. Do something useful. So many streets are in such bad shape. At least take some of the money and do a skim coat of hot top wide enough so bikes can use it. I would never take mine and ruin it on these streets. And why all the street painting just before Winter where most of the time you won’t see it and it will get wrecked. Wait till Spring. Most people here are ignoring these things anyway now. Shared streets is a disaster. Most streets it has no business on. Do something good with the money. But stop ignoring the lifetime residents who just need a couple simple things and nobody to speak up for them. I ask my council face to face to speak up for the people and he walks away. Will I accomplish anything? Maybe not but I can assure you that I will indeed speak up. And those that know me will tell you I will and I won’t stop. This city needs change. More people need to get involved and run for office here. Many of the council members need to go asap. They are not doing their job which is working for the taxpayers. I am working for you. And last but least put Billy Tauro in. I do know he cares and he has a big heart and will do the right thing and get this city back on track. We need leadership all the way down the line.

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