Freedom of Speech Now Gone In Somerville Too?


By Arthur Moore

When the constitution was written we had some brilliant minds draw it up trying to write in everything they could to help this country get going. The written words are still well suited for today. So why do we have to rip them down and take them away? We had freedom of speech here for years. You were allowed to voice your opinion and your cause. Granted a few may not take it well but the right is yours. Many years ago Winston Churchill said it well and I quote “Some people’s idea of free speech is that they are free to say what they like. But if anyone says anything back that is an outrage.” We know that is true, just pick up a newspaper.

To say anything today it is going to be picked apart and you will feel the wrath of those who oppose you. Even to the point of physical and property destruction as retaliation. We have this right and should be able to express it peacefully. Try to peacefully say you think all lives matter. You should have the right to say that without being in fear for life and property. Not so today. Plus many other expressions not meant to do harm or violence which result in this. We are supposed to be civilized now. We don’t need to leave a path of destruction if one wants to make a point.

This only shows a lack of meaning to that message. If I were to put a Trump sticker on my vehicle which is my freedom of speech to do so it would be vandalized here in Somerville. Which shows we have a shortage of civilized people here. But if I put a Biden sticker on there is no problem. We didn’t have this problem years ago, people could say it freely. We are supposed to be evolving forward, not backwards. I think we need to make government buildings neutral. Just not display things for groups as it just sends the wrong messages on some things.

We have a banner on city hall supporting a terrorist group that loots, destroys and assaults. Now the city has plans to paint a mural for BLM. Granted they should have freedom of speech, but we can’t be supporting violent behavior. Let’s stop this behavior of violence and hatred. Not all of us hate each other. But feel free to speak, freedom of speech is our right. But let’s do it in a civilized manner. Or do we have to shut everyone up?

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