Churches Inform Somerville Mayor of Plans to Immediately Resume In-Person Church Gatherings Despite His Order


Somerville, MA—First Liberty Institute and the Massachusetts Family Institute today sent a letter to Somerville, Massachusetts Mayor Joseph Curtatone informing him that several churches in the city will immediately resume in-person church services on June 14, 2020. The letter was sent on behalf of four churches: Igreja Comunidade Batista Shalom Internacional, Christian Fellowship of Boston, International Church, and Safe House Baptist Church, each represented by First Liberty.

You can read the letter here.
“Mayor Curtatone’s restrictions on churches would prevent even Jesus and the twelve disciples from lawfully gathering in Somerville,” said Jeremy Dys, Special Counsel for Litigation and Communications for First Liberty Institute. “If thousands of people can peacefully protest in the streets under the First Amendment, certainly churches are able to safely resume in-person religious gatherings.”

“It is time for government officials to stop these discriminatory orders that single out churches,” Andrew Beckwith of the Massachusetts Family Institute said. “Churches in Massachusetts are vital to our communities and just want to be treated with respect and fairness.”

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5 thoughts on “Churches Inform Somerville Mayor of Plans to Immediately Resume In-Person Church Gatherings Despite His Order”

  1. While I’d agree the protesters are sometimes doing it recklessly, there’s a vastly greater risk in cramming a bunch of people shoulder to shoulder for an hour in a confined space, all so they can attend a religious pep rally. In fact, that’s just about the riskiest thing you could do. Shame on these churches, putting their desire for weekly donations above the lives of their congregants and beyond.

    1. Not that many people go today. Some churches can give each person their own pew and still have plenty of space. Many of the older people will most likely stay way anyway. But places like St Catherine’s is certainly large enough to take more than ten and be safe. Some people really need their church and if they can go safely then so be it. Go by the square footage would be a more sensible thing. Many churches are still not going to open regardless. It’s just that this is being done all wrong. We still have a duty to be safe. And I expect once we learn more about this virus we will learn ways to hopefully do better at avoiding it.

  2. I think as many people as possible should show up at these churches to make sure they can resume services. Peacefully. I have to look up where they are so I can find out which one I can stand outside and support. I hope many others can too. It is OUR city.

  3. Rightfully so if protesters can march within less than 6 feet of each other.
    If people can enter supermarkets as they please and ignore the direction noted in each isle and come within each other.
    If convenience stores who have keno place tables and chairs out.
    Its time for our community to make decisions for ourselves those with a conscience will do the right thing.
    The emperor needs to fall someone please give thought about running against him and re-unifying this city.
    A city where you can go as you please in the manner you need without taking that right away. A city of unity where race, religion sexual preference and freedom exists without having to spell it out.
    Take down the barriers and the signs lets all live together quietly.

  4. Fantastic news. We need more to stand up for what is right. Today on CNN they had 2 hair dressers that had the virus who cut hair for 140 people not one got the virus. The churches are certainly big enough to work this out on their own. People who feel at risks will probably not go so I am sure attendance will be down more than usual. It’s time for people to stand up to do what is right and to use common sense and safety measures. At least until such time as a problem arises that it is not working. Other businesses should stand up and follow suit.

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