Somerville/Medford News Weekly Speakup Line:City of Somerville Should Be Ashamed of Themselves Ticketing During Difficult Time

Dear Billy T and Somerville/Medford News Weekly Speakup Line,

The City of Somerville should be ashamed of themselves for ticketing cars during this difficult time. Especially when parked for less than 5mins to support local businesses grabbing curbside food in Assembly Row. Honestly I was in and out within 4mins the meter maid must of saw me run in to grab my food. Somerville, MA, Stealing Somerville for Joe Curtatone

3 thoughts on “Somerville/Medford News Weekly Speakup Line:City of Somerville Should Be Ashamed of Themselves Ticketing During Difficult Time”

  1. Revenue Revenue. Look at street sweeping they are raking it in the cash again already. You figure from his prospective you received stimulus money and some are collecting an extra 600.00 a week.

    He has to grab what he can the anticipated revenue from construction of about twenty million went south, State aid cuts, other business taxes and permit fees all gone for three months maybe longer.

    Take a ride over or under one of the new bridges to nowhere you may feel better. 2021 is an election year the last no name challenger dented his armor maybe we can topple him?

    1. Rest assured that as long as am here I am not going to let go and will remind people. They forget so easily. I saw one person here who could have walked away with it but they are laving the city. I would like to get started now helping someone to come in and take over and fix it as best they can. It will now be a huge job. I was working on taking over two council members but looks like we could be up to three now. Let’s hope more will jump in maybe the people can be in charge for a change. Since it’s their city. The monarchy has to end.

  2. The meter maids are just doing their jobs. Granted that maybe the powers that be should let them have some leeway. But at the same time with the city intentionally putting small business out of business they will most likely stay on the meter maids backs to do as much as possible. But it is the same as ticketing for street cleaning now. With people home they have no place to go. So ticket sales have to be way up. Great way to run a city and care for it’s small business and people.

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