Screw the Restaurants in Somerville


By Arthur Moore

Yes, it is exactly what this city is doing. Don’t get me wrong, (I am not against the peaceful protest) but if they can allow that with no problem and not break it up them I see no reason for people to go into a restaurant and enjoy a meal. They will have less contact.

This city is so far behind other cities as it is I am not expecting them to see a reasonable way to help their own. We are clearly at a point where we just have to step in and do the right thing. And not just restaurants. It is clear that we need to work on getting as much business as possible open right now and having the owners make sure they practice as many safety measures as possible.

And we need to start today. If the city is busy doing useless projects then they should drop them and take care of the real Somerville business. The time for Somerville to stand out and become a leader is now. You have an obligation to take care of this city and you are just failing it so badly. Each day you stall puts another nail in the coffin of these small businesses.

They have had all they can do to stay alive to this point. Give them a chance; they will do the right thing. They are desperate. No less than the people out of work in this city. If it happens it is not working then we will have to make some tough choices. Not everyone is going to sit out in the street and most places in this city do not have any place to have sit out dining anyway.

The time for action is now. I know that any place that opens up opposing the city will be busy with customers. And I am sure the customers will pick up the tab for the fines as well. I am not advocating for that but I will sure as hell support them.

There will be a number of people who are not going to go anyway until there is a medical answer. I know I can’t as I am around people with cancer and medical problems. And thank you Mr. Tauro for allowing me to speak up for the businesses and taxpayers of Somerville.

3 thoughts on “Screw the Restaurants in Somerville”

  1. agree with u all the owners should just open the customers will be there.u know all of JOE CURTATONES friends who paid him off to open places at ASSEMBLY ROW will have no issues

    1. Where the hell is the ADA, you know the people that are suppose to be looking out for the rights of the disabled. I’m pretty sure some laws are being broken here when a person in a wheelchair is unable to shop in the City. 1. They cannot park, damn cones blocking all the parking spots 2. Unable to get down the sidewalks in their wheelchairs with all the chairs, tables, trees, planters, lights etc. all over.

      1. The mayor ignores the wishes of the ADA. I had posted a letter to him from the Somerville ADA which from no action on it just means it is being ignored as usual when it comes to the taxpayers. I also heard form the US dept of the ADA and they don’t interfere with this. So it means the monarch here can do as he pleases.

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