Somerville’s Assembly Row Under Looting Alert


By William Tauro

Dozens of heavily armed local Somerville Police officers, Transit Police and Massachusetts State Troopers have surrounded Somerville’s Assembly Row this past Monday night. The entire area has been placed on a looting alert as large crowds of protesters and rioters were anticipated to arrive and have been assembling  in the area.

Police have closed multiple streets down with barricades and store owners have boarded up stores to prevent any potential looting and destruction.

This all comes only a day after a major protest took place in Downtown Boston that was followed by citywide rioting/looting spree that left a trail of destruction and vandalism behind.

This story is still developing…



5 thoughts on “Somerville’s Assembly Row Under Looting Alert”

  1. Becareful . Hopefully these people can keep it peaceful. It’s the damn anarchists that are starting the destruction! Be safe hometown

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