Reopening America

09AE0D9F-2EEC-4E55-BB3F-FF44792D1168By Arthur Moore

First, I am not an expert. It’s only my opinion based on life’s experiences and common sense.

I believe a lot of places may be able to reopen even if not at full capacity. I think there should be a coordinated effort with the business and health department. If this can be worked out to make it safe the same method can be applied to others of the same kind or type. I will give some examples. If we work with a hair salon and a worker can style one person safely then maybe they can reopen. If they have 6 seats maybe only two can be used to keep them apart or a temporary petition can be put in place. Clients would have to wait outside until one leaves. This may not get that business back to full speed but maybe enough to hang on until we can resume our lives. I think restaurants can do somewhat the same. Maybe just designate certain booths or tables to be used that are far enough apart. Ask that people who come in are people that are normally together. I am not sure of what safety precautions they can take but maybe the business can come up with something. Possibly some businesses can submit ideas on how they can get back to doing business. I think putting our heads together and trying to find a way to survive until we get out of this mess is better than just waiting. Maybe there is little we can do but for every idea we can get to work it is one step back to resuming life. Even if limited. I would also ask that anyone who would do this to be on a volunteer basis. Maybe a touchless thermometer when people come in, I am not sure on that but heard fever was one of the symptoms. If we can come up with safe ways to do some of this then we as the people will have to take charge. If our government is not doing anything it does not mean we have to sit back. For every safe method we devise and utilize it is one step towards recovery. If we can’t come up with one workable idea we can at least say we tried. If our government is doing anything I am not aware of it. And I don’t want to get into one side against the other. Both sides should be at work for US! They are both well paid to do just that. If our local government body is going to sit and do nothing it does not mean we have to. I am not willing to have our country go under. We got things closed up so as to slow this down, I get it. Now let’s work on reversing it instead of all those repeated messages saying the same thing. Let’s get some ideas going here and get moving on this. Safely I may add.

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