Is Mayor Curtatone Trying to Privatize And/Or Dissolve Somerville High Hockey And Youth Hockey?

By William Tauro

Somerville hockey parents are furious over Mayor Joseph Curtatone’s decisions regarding the Somerville High School Hockey team

Curtatone has allowed the Boston Imperials Hockey Academy at Matignon High School to begin using the Veterans Memorial Ice-Skating Rink on Somerville Avenue as their “home ice rink” as they already have it listed on their own Boston Imperials Hockey website.

Because of the mayor’s permission given to Boston Imperials Hockey to use the Somerville Veterans Rink, the Somerville High School Hockey as well as for the Somerville Youth Hockey League student teams are now forced to use the smaller rink on Somerville Avenue. The two Somerville Hockey Leagues are now left with a youth hockey 99% of their ice in the small rink. The High School hockey team goes on 2 hours later, being moved from 3:30-5:30 to 5:30-7:30.Because of this later time slot, it now pushes the two Somerville Hockey ice time much later into their school nights. By the time the Somerville students are done using the ice it will probably be 8:30-9:00pm before they are able to return home to eat their supper, get their homework done and tucked in the bed for the next school day.

Some parents have great concerns the Mayor Curtatone may even be considering to privatize or even dissolving the Somerville Hockey leagues all together.
I’m which the Mayor has asked both youth hockey and high school hockey to co-op to other cities.
There is even talk that the mayor is also allowing the other leagues to use the weight room training facilities as well and he may be also adding a second weight training room facility for their convenience as well.

The Boston Imperials have hired Matignon alumni and former Boston Bruin Shawn McEachern to coach their U16 team.

Read the Boston Globe article below regarding the team:

Shawn McEachern making a return skate to Matignon – The Boston Globe


4 thoughts on “Is Mayor Curtatone Trying to Privatize And/Or Dissolve Somerville High Hockey And Youth Hockey?”

  1. His kids have out grown the small practice rink (imy mini rink ) now we have to set up the PUBLIC RINK that was bought and paid for by the citizens of Somerville for those moving up.

    Do not worry Joey will be getting his ice time. Its all starting to melt his house of penalty box fillers as they are starting to be interviewed and the Us Attorney ( Zamboni ) will be cleaning things up.

    I think he played this song at one of the SHS venues in the past ” hey hey good by ”

    Again Somerville will lead the way. What a parade citizens will be dancing in the streets again of course after they are cleaned.

  2. Might be a good time for the kids to switch to boxing or MMA to perfect their fighting skills. I always though hokey wasn’t all that practical in an actual street fight, unless you happen to have a stick with you.

  3. When did Mayor Joe become the sports czar? When we elect the # we elect the wrong people. Look at the payment record between the city and the Boston Stars Hockey program. At the Kennedy School Pool(we are building a HS without a pool) we have the Grade 3 swim program city wide. It is a smashing success. WAKE, SOMERVILLE HOCKEY! We should have a Grade 2 skating program built on the same model as the wildly popular Grade 3 swim program. We live in New England. Children and young people should be introduced to all the outdoor winter activities. The benefits are obvious. A happier, healthier kid etc.

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