Major Somerville DPW Suspensions as Corruption Probe Begins

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By William Tauro

Early Tuesday morning state and federal agents along with Somerville Police entered the Somerville department of Public Works building and garage as well as the home of Mike Browne, the UnitA DPW foreman on Robertson Street in Somerville.

As of Tuesday morning Somerville DPW Fleet Manager Ron Bonnie, DPW UnitA Foreman Mike Browne and DPW Worker’s Foreman Carl WinterS have all been suspended and their office door locks changed.

All this comes after only one day after Somerville Police Chief David Fallon announces his retirement.

This story is still developing while this ongoing investigation continues…

7 thoughts on “Major Somerville DPW Suspensions as Corruption Probe Begins”

  1. Don’t get excited here. We have the best experts at hiding and losing things here. Remember, underage drinking party complete with stabbing disappears. Just wait and see what goes missing now.

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