Somerville News Weekly Speakup Line:Letter to Traffic & Parking Dept from Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA)

Dear Billy T and Somerville News Weekly Speakup Line,

This is a letter that was sent to the Somerville Traffic & Parking Department from the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) regarding Broadway Bus and Bicycle Lane Impact on Residents with Disabilities:

I am submitting this brief memorandum in my capacity as the Americans with Disabilities (ADA) Coordinator for the City of Somerville.
Since the implementation of the bus and bicycle lanes on Broadway, my office has received resident concerns regarding accessibility impacts for people with disabilities. Presently, the bicycle lane flex posts block vehicle access for curbside pickup and drop-off of residents. Additionally, vehicles are prohibited from entering the bus lanes in order to pick up residents. This has been particularly burdensome for residents with physical disabilities who rely on door to door transportation in order to safely attend medical appointments or to conduct their daily activities. This change has been distressing for residents as they are being forced to either stay home or navigate a difficult distance on sloped sidewalks in order to reach their driver. I anticipate that we will continue to receive such concerns from residents.
I am happy to elaborate further or answer questions that you may have. I can be reached at 617- 625-6600 x2323 or at
Nency Salamoun
Manager of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

2 thoughts on “Somerville News Weekly Speakup Line:Letter to Traffic & Parking Dept from Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA)”

  1. Thanks, that was my next step. I was giving it a little time as I was made aware he was thinking on it. But federal is where I will head next. I guess it’s hard for me to understand why these elected officials do not speak up for anything that’s totally wrong. I agree, what’s the point of having them sit there doing nothing and collecting a paycheck for it. They get paid to represent us and clearly they do not do that at all. The city is a monarchy. Why bother even voting. There is such a lack of wisdom and common sense in this city. My opinion of the bus lanes is they have created much traffic congestion even at off peak times, increased accidents, driven customers away from for the businesses, increased traffic on the side streets, increased aggressive driving, less bus stops. For 25 seconds. And the real killer the protected unused bike lane. In a city with 4 bridges out and 4 more this year to come. Seems to me there was an awful lot of money wasted on sending these people to school.

  2. This letter is just that what action is being taken by the Mayors appointed Ada Coordinator. I would reach out to the the Federal Ada Administrator and seek advice on Broadway access for starters.

    I would look at any other street reconstruction projects that have either Federal or State funding and inquire on the access portions of the project.

    This city is catering to young able bodied persons only. They are violating the rights of persons with disabilities, seniors, pregnant woman, and children.

    I restate my case use the bus lanes for buses and bikes during the rush hour then return the lane back for metered parking. This will serve everyone’s needs people with any challenges can work their schedules around these times.

    When the green line is up and running you will see a big drop in bus use in the immediate area. Hopefully they change some of the stops so there are not as many and they drop at targeted areas.

    The usefulness of the City Councilors has dwindled due to 311 and email service. When you do speak with most on an issue they refer you in this direction.

    We can save thousands a year by eliminating at the least half of them and making them all at large rather than by the ward.

    The power is all the Mayors and he is looking at a future adventure since he and his buddy in Boston are following each other with the same ludicrous ideas.

    So much for Somerville leads the way.

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