Somerville News Weekly Speakup Line:Broadway Saga Continues to Disappoint

Dear Billy T and Somerville News Weekly Speakup Line,

The issues pertaining to Broadway serve as a reminder of a meeting held by several councilors at the Synagogue on Winter Hill, about 2 years ago. It was well attended and residents voiced many of the same concerns. One of the city planner’s fielded questions if he couldn’t answer them himself. You could feel the tension in the room, residents were not happy. The ward councilors 4 and 5 were in attendance as well as one councilor at large taking notes. Overall, the message was that Ward 4 will have the most new housing than the rest of the city to include new apartment buildings and condos, think mini skyscrapers. Also, one of the former OR nutjobs protested for pot shops on every corner of the city, and “not the medical kind”, as well as complaining why Wards 6 and 7 will not have as much multi-unit and dense housing than Ward 4. That question was not answered to anyone’s satisfaction. Hopefully, she remains out of state–the bohemian shill was a menace to our community. My point is– the city administration in my opinion, is not going to do anything to help small business owners operating in this city who are not making hefty donations like the ruling class (condo and lucrative business owners) and their spawn. In fact, I will go so far as to say it just might be an experiment to see when those areas get more customer traction. They will play the game until business owners give up. Look at Davis Sq., as an example. How many businesses have lasted over the past 10 years? It’s been run like a hotel–vacancy signs are frequent and no one stays. If you were living here from 1970- 2000, you would have seen businesses that never left. That’s because the politicians at the time were on the side of the working class constituents– not big business development. That’s how they make so much more money. Think about it from a business perspective. If your costs rise, you need to attract clientele who are willing pay your financial obligations. This is not rocket science folks. The single home landlords are struggling in the same way as business owners and it’s the same diabolical plot that has been going on for years. The devil is in the details. They are not going to admit it to your face, instead they use traffic obstacles to do their dirty work. I wish I had an answer, but hopefully it’s coming in the next election.


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  1. Timmy, unfortunately anyone who tries to run is either unqualified and or threatened in some way. The former opponents didn’t have what it takes. We need someone who is not afraid of this current administration, but also has an army behind them that will ensure victory. They paid off constituents to vacate their homes with over priced sales, have a majority in Ward 1 who are unqualified to vote, use city employees to work campaigns and bully their way through a campaign and an election that was probably rigged somehow. If they ever provided a true census of how many local constituents live here, I bet it would shock most because I believe that number is higher than reported. We are now a city under threat of the Republic of Bernie Sanders Our Revolution squatters who want rent control, subsidized condos, and a transfer tax to provide affordable housing to hundreds of deadbeats who refuse to join the real workforce. If anything, the city is becoming like their twin city of San Francisco which is comprised of Silicon Valley entitled elite and 300,000 homeless people. Is that our end game? Most rational locals refuse to vote. They have given up and hoping for a miracle. That miracle just might be arriving one day. Check out the political scandal in SF for a clue. Their biggest mistake was getting into bed with big development.

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