Somerville Park Odd this Snow Season

This is a friendly reminder that snow emergency parking is on the odd side of the street this winter, unless posted signage says otherwise. Here are a few things you can do now to make sure you’re ready when the first flake falls:

Sign up for City alerts at City alerts are one of the ways we get the word out about snow emergencies. Other places you can check include the City’s website and social media accounts, City Cable, local media outlets, and blinking blue lights at intersections around Somerville.

Make a parking plan. Take a look at signs in your neighborhood and check out the off-street parking map on our snow page so you know where you can park during a snow emergency. If you’ll be out of town this winter, make a plan for off-street parking or leave a car key with someone who can move it in case of a snow emergency.
If you’re a property owner, you have six daylight hours after snowfall ends to shovel your sidewalk so if you’ll be out of town this winter make sure you have plans in place in case it snows.
Visit for even more winter and snow emergency information.

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