Somerville’s First Dedicated Bus Lane Accident

By William Tauro

Somerville has suffered its first serious dedicated bus lane accident this past Friday involving two motor vehicles, one of which was traveling in the bus lane.

The accident occurred early in the evening at the intersection of Broadway and Fenwick Street in Somerville.

(Photo:Bmw excessively speeding in bus lane .. passed all cars in travel lane and t-boned the Ford)

The vehicle that was in the travel lane yielded to the other vehicle and when both vehicles came across at the merge, the vehicle traveling in the dedicated bus lane t-boned the other vehicle causing the accident.

A mother and her 5 year old child were treated at the scene then later transported to the hospital with serious but non life threatening injuries via ambulance.

The automobile was almost rolled completely over leaving it resting on its side.

According to witnesses at the scene, the automobile in the bus lane was traveling at an excessive rate of speed that later T-boned the woman and child’s vehicle.

Earlier that same morning, another motor vehicle accident took place nearby at Foss Park causing the vehicle to jump the island.

Photo by Kimberly Lynne

The new dedicated bus lanes, pavement markings, signage, and traffic signal retiming on Broadway Between Magoun Square and McGrath Highway have many residents outraged who are demanding that these decisions be reversed.

The new lanes and parking are very confusing to many residents who are raising concerns that it will be more dangerous as well.

27 thoughts on “Somerville’s First Dedicated Bus Lane Accident”

  1. From Stephanie Hirsch today

    Hi Arthur – I’m sorry you are so frustrating with the new bus lanes. I lot of people share your frustration! Have you passed this on to the Mayor as well? My understanding is that the City and Ward councilor are working to set up a neighborhood meeting to talk about what’s working and not working.


    1. This is my first time contacting Staphanie and so far seems very nice. I hope she can help this issue the people of Winter Hill are having.

      Hi Arthur – I am so sorry, and I really admire how you are taking this on. That’s very discouraging about the nail salon. I’m going to see if Brad Rawson (the head of transportation and traffic planning issues), the Mayor, and Jesse can come talk to you directly, and I will do what I can too. It seems like there have been a lot of issues with rolling out this change. And truth be told, a lot of people are frustrated about a LOT of things in Somerville right now! I wish I could do a whole lot more to help resolve people’s issues… Let me see what else I can figure out about it.


  2. This city is screw up now just past the law on 12/12 2019 they are telling you how to sell your house this has turn in to Democrats socialism government all councilman need to be vote out

    1. I am talking and working with others right now about just doing that. It is early yet but it looks like I have 2 council seats we have people going for. Looking for more people to recruit. Being a general election will make it easier for a change this time. This last election and the numbers have made people more interested in running. Plus we have a lot of offers for backing people.

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